National Industrial Exhibition “Made in Uzbekistan” – a new stage of cooperation

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March 30, 2018

National Industrial Exhibition “Made in Uzbekistan” – a new stage of cooperation

The National Industrial Exhibition “Made in Uzbekistan” is being held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. 

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, it was emphasized that relations between Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, which are actively developing in recent years, based on centuries-old friendship, good-neighborliness and mutual consent, contribute to strengthening cooperation in all areas.

The state visit of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to Turkmenistan in March last year, as well as regular contacts of the leaders of the two countries allowed to bring the Uzbek-Turkmen cooperation to the level of strategic partnership, filling it with a qualitatively new practical content.

Historically established friendly ties and common cultural roots serve to further strengthen mutual understanding and develop fruitful cooperation between Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

In 2017, the volume of trade between Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan amounted to $177 million. At the same time, mutual deliveries of products with high added value are growing.

The National Industrial Exhibition “Made in Uzbekistan” in Ashgabat is organized to demonstrate industrial products and investment potential of Uzbekistan, conclude commercial contracts and partnership agreements with companies of Turkmenistan, and familiarize its business circles with scientific production capabilities of Uzbekistan. More than 100 large industrial enterprises and business entities from all regions of Uzbekistan are taking part in the exhibition.

The exhibition will contribute to further development of bilateral trade and economic relations, bringing business contacts and partnership of entrepreneurs of the two countries to the next level.

Turkmen businessmen are showing great interest in the event. Within its framework, it is planned to sign commercial contracts and agreements on implementation of joint projects for several million US dollars. They recognize that this event will play an important role in development of trade, economic and investment cooperation and interregional partnership.

In the pavilions of the exhibition, consisting of two blocks, a wide range of industrial products produced in Uzbekistan, including textile, food, leather and footwear products, household appliances, building materials, and other products are being demonstrated.