Nationwide charity hashar started in Karakalpakstan

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March 19, 2018

Nationwide charity hashar started in Karakalpakstan

Nationwide charity hashar which is held with the aim of a worthy preparation and conduction of Navruz holiday, landscaping and gardening, improvement of a sanitary condition of all regions of the country started in Karakalpakstan from the early morning.

– More than 1 million 460 thousand people will take part in hashar, dedicated to Navruz holiday, – says employee of Karakalpak Council for coordination of activities of civil society institutions Tavakkal Abdukhalikov. – More than 920 thousand of them are youth. We are going to visit elderly citizens, low-income families and conduct actions for improvement of residential areas in cooperation with the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan.

Participants of the hashar are actively engaged in improvement in each house, in each street and community. Special attention is paid to cleaning places where festive events will take place, planting trees and flowers. Pruning of trees is being carried out in gardens.

According to Karakalpak branch of “Makhalla” Charitable Public Fund, 2,876 hectares of land will be landscaped within two days, 3,952 tons of waste will be removed, 1,573 kilometers of ditches will be cleaned, 468 cemeteries and 42 pilgrimage sites will be landscaped. In general, 980 equipment will be used in hashar.

During the hashar days, elderly, disabled, single persons and families who have lost their breadwinner will be provided with social assistance for improving living conditions.