“Navoi” free industrial economic zone: history, present and future development

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April 11, 2016

“Navoi” free industrial economic zone: history, present and future development

navoi1Free Industrial Economic Zone in Navoi will have a positive impact

as a whole not only on Uzbekistan’s,

but also the entire Central Asian region’s

 economic development.

Islam Karimov,

the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Possessing rich natural resources, skilled personnel and production capacities, as well as linking Europe with Asia, the Republic of Uzbekistan has an important geographical position and great economic potential.


The country is conducting large-scale reforms in all fields, through which political stability and economic growth are retaining, living standards are rising. At the same time, the state program for the development of industry, infrastructure, and domestic production have been adopted. Their successful implementation contributes to the fact that Uzbekistan has become an attractive country for foreign investors. It is evidenced by the fact that due to all sources of financing, investments in equivalent of $ 15.8 billion were involved and used in 2015, which was 9.5 percent higher than the corresponding figures in 2014. More than 21 percent of all investments or over $ 3.3 billion are foreign.

It must be emphasized that the work on creating a favorable investment climate in the country is continuing. In this regard, the republic attaches particular importance to free economic zones’ operation, on the territory of which operate special customs, currency and tax regimes, there are great potential for a successful business development.

The largest of these zones today is “Navoi” free industrial economic zone, which offers foreign investors with great opportunities and competitive advantages.

“Navoi” free industrial economic zone, created by the decree of the President of Uzbekistan dated December 2, 2008, is located on an area of 564 hectares near the town of Navoi and 100-175 km. from Bukhara and Samarkand – the country’s large cities and industrial centers.

There are special legal regimes, including fiscal, monetary and customs, a simplified procedure for entry, stay and departure, as well as permission for non-residents of the Republic to carry out work, extensive tax benefits, customs and other obligatory payments are provided on its territory.


In order to create the most favorable conditions for investors, the enterprises in “Navoi” free industrial economic zone are provided with a high level of infrastructure transport, utilities, and systems of safety and liveability of the labor staff.

Specialized zone is located in close proximity to the international airport, the E-40 motorway and rail routes of international importance, allowing the best use of multimodal transport’s and Navoi logistics hub’s advantages. In particular, Navoi Airport, located in the heart of the republic – at the crossroads of “North-South” and “East-West” international land and air corridors, is an ideal regional hub for international freight traffic management.

On the basis of an agreement with Korean Air, the first stage of Navoi airport’s modernization is completed with the establishment of an international logistics center and construction of a cargo terminal, which allows processing 300 tons per day. The terminal’s capacity will be bought up to 1000 tons per day with the increase in freight traffic in the future.

The logistic center is designed to serve as a full-fledged of their distribution in the region with ground transportation system, as well as the redistribution of freight traffic with aircraft in North-South and East-West directions.

The use of air corridors with a stopover in Navoi provides at least substantial saving of time and shipping costs.

Moreover a specialized zone is connected and geographically close to the railway, which has access to the markets of Central Asia, the CIS, South-East Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Persian Gulf.

All the main railway routes in the region with access to the southern ports of Iran and Turkey pass through Navoi, and to the ports of the Black and Baltic Seas in the west and north. The shortest rail route from China to Europe also runs through Navoi. The shortest transit connection to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India has been created with the commissioning of “Guzar-Boysun-Kumkurgan” railway line.


Therefore, we can say with full confidence that today “Navoi” free industrial economic zone becomes the leading industrial and logistics center of regional and international importance – “Oasis of new technologies”, which has a world-class modern infrastructure, developed transport communications and provides unprecedented benefits.

Jahon Information Agency