Navruz holiday congratulations to people of Uzbekistan

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March 22, 2018

Navruz holiday congratulations to people of Uzbekistan

Dear compatriots!

A wonderful holiday Navruz, a symbol of spring and renewal, comes to the beautiful land of Uzbekistan.

I sincerely, wholeheartedly congratulate you, dear mothers and fathers, dear sisters, beloved children, all our people with this wonderful holiday, New Year according to the Eastern calendar.

In these bright sunny days, filling our hearts with joy, I wish you all health and happiness, prosperity and wellbeing in your homes.

Dear friends!

Today our multinational people in cities and villages, blooming gardens, in squares and in the bosom of nature are conducting sayils (folk festivities) and performances, celebrating the long-awaited Navruz.

All our compatriots, both children and adults, are joyfully congratulating each other and thanking the Almighty for the present bright days.

Such noble qualities, inherent in our people, as love to the native land, the country, mercy, helping those in need of support are even more vividly manifested in Navruz.

Our life, the life of our whole society is also changing consonant with renewal and awakening of nature, taking place in this magical time of the year.

First of all, new houses, medical and educational institutions, modern enterprises, well-equipped villages and cities are radically changing our country’s image.

Such high values, forming the basis of philosophy of Navruz, as humanism and kindness, justice and tolerance, the real concern for the welfare of people are becoming today the criteria of our activity.

We set before ourselves the most important goal, so that our mothers and children, compatriots, all our people always lived in peace and tranquility, so that our life became even more prosperous. As the great poet and thinker Alisher Navoi said, may every day be Navruz.

On this wonderful holiday, we heartily congratulate our skilled dehkans and farmers, who meet the new planting season with great hopes. We wish them a successful start of the new year, a rich harvest, more and more new achievements.

Dear friends!

In recent years, according to the decision of the United Nations, Navruz is widely celebrated on an international scale, which indicates the noble essence, the enormous social and cultural significance of this holiday.

Indeed, this surprisingly beautiful and kind holiday awakens in a person the best, highest feelings. That is why Navruz became a beloved and dear holiday for all our compatriots, irrespective of their nationality, language and religion.

Today, representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in the country, our foreign friends and partners are sharing with us the joy of Navruz.

Taking this opportunity, let me whole-heartedly congratulate our dear guests, people of all countries of the near and far abroad on this wonderful holiday, and wish them peace and tranquility, prosperity and progress.

Dear compatriots!

I am glad to express to you, to all our people, my most sincere wishes.

May Navruz bring happiness and prosperity to every family, every house!

May all our good hopes and dreams come true!

May always peace prevail in our country, the life of our people be prosperous!

Happy Navruz holiday, my dear friends!

Shavkat Mirziyoyev,
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan