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April 5, 2017



The first stage of the Tenth International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange (IIFCE) kicks off in Uzbekistan. Traditionally, it begins with regional and industrial fairs, which showcase the industrial capacity of the country from March to June.

The annual event is aimed at assisting business entities in optimization of production, strengthening and development of intra-industry and cross-sector cooperation, promotion of domestically manufactured products, search for partners, signing supply and export contracts.

Effectiveness of the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange has been growing year by year, as it reflects the positive results of ongoing economic reforms in the country. The number of participants of territorial and sector-based industrial fairs has been expanding respectively in quality and quantity, as well as the number of concluded contracts, including export contracts.

More than 5,000 industrial enterprises took part in thirteen regional fairs in March-June 2016. They signed supply and industrial cooperation agreements for more than 1 trillion soums. The participants took keen interest in mining equipment, mini tractors for horticultural farms, power generators, medical equipment, high-quality oil and ceramic products.

This year, territorial industrial fairs have kicked off in the second half of March and will continue until June in 14 regions of Uzbekistan. Sector-based industrial fairs will start working in the near future to be completed in mid-June. The International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange will take place on November 2-8 and 15-19.

Within the first stage, small and large enterprises will have the opportunity to present their products and get acquainted with technical innovations, achievements of related industries and enterprises, and identify short-term needs in materials and components. Upon regional events, the participants will conclude contracts for the development of new types of industrial products.

At the second stage, the contracts will be transformed into supply contracts, making up the manufacturer order book for the next year. Prior to that, the enterprises will work through the production of new types of products, make pilot batches, and also coordinate technical parameters of products with the customers and bring them to the required quality.

Within the framework of IIFCE, the headmost industrial enterprises of Uzbekistan will conduct presentations with the proposals on cooperation aiming to fully represent the capacity of cooperation.

In a word, the regular International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange will unite domestic manufacturers, scientists, experts, foreign investors, who seek to implement interesting initiatives, and engage economic incentives and mechanisms to enhance the effectiveness of domestic industry.