New family polyclinic for more than 20 thousand people of 6 villages

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January 5, 2018

New family polyclinic for more than 20 thousand people of 6 villages

The population of the “Halqobod” neighbourhood in Ghuzor district of Qashqadaryo Region celebrated the new year of 2018 joyously. A new family polyclinic has started working in the neighbourhood.


The Chiroqchi dolgoplyus private building enterprise carried out nearly 400 m soms worth of construction-renovation work on a two-storey dilapidated building that had been idle for years. Its rooms were provided with modern medical equipment, and more medical personnel were taken on.


Now more than 20 thousand people living in 6 villages there can use services provided by the polyclinic’s staff including 10 qualified doctors and more than 60 nurses.


“In our country, special attention is being paid to developing the medical sphere. In accordance with a Presidential decree dated 29 March 2017 on measures to further improve the work of primary medical establishments, rural medical stations have been optimised. Village family polyclinics are being formed from these rural medical stations. With the start of the work of our polyclinic, the scope of medical services provision for the local population further expanded,” says the chief doctor of the new polyclinic, I.Himmatov.