New initiative of Ministry of social protection on employment of college graduates

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August 3, 2015

New initiative of Ministry of social protection on employment of college graduates


In the metropolitan area launched the action initiated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It aims to support the interest in entrepreneurship among young people. The essence of action that for three days in all colleges Zangiata district of Tashkent region will be held open days, during which the graduates plan to offer loans to business ideas on preferential terms. This program is already running in the Fergana Valley, and is yielding positive results.

As Mahbuba Mutalova says, which this year has graduated form Zangiata professional college of transport and service, she wants to organize a sewing workshop. To implement the ideas it’s needed 5 million soums – so there are two sewing machines, needed to start production. Today, she was able to get credit for the purchase of necessary equipment. The loan is provided at preferential rates depending on the amount and purpose of the loan; it is from 3 to 9% per annum.

In addition to employees of banks, staff of centers to promote employment were present in the hall, which, in making up loans and issuance of patents immediately issued a new owner work record. The whole process, from idea to obtain all permits, takes just 40 minutes, that is a graduate with a finished idea comes into the room with a passport, and less than in an hour got a patent in his hands registered by IPA (individual pension account), IDTN (ID tax number) and the loan agreement.

Graduates interested in many areas of the private sector. These are services and manufacturing. Small services points, hairdressing salons, online payment shops, aoutorepair garages and fast food shops are especially popular.Employee of the tax inspectorate Zangiata district Umida Tulaganova says, employees of tax authorities advise college graduates on the organization of the private sector, legislation in this area, benefits and preferences provided to them. In real time to those who decided to start their own business, tax identification number is registered. The entire process takes an average of five minutes.Representatives of the commercial banks are also active. For example, in open day, held in the socio-economic College of Zangiata district representatives Infinbanka invited its customers that produce and implement large and small household appliances. Buying a refrigerator, microwave and other equipment for the organization of the fast food and Dilorom interested Tursunho’jaeva, graduated from studies in College this year. Bank draws up a loan to buy the required equipment.

It’s only the first day of open doors and throughout the area have accumulated several hundred loan agreement. This means that new jobs are created, and the initiative of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security will continue to be implemented in all regions of the country.