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April 10, 2017


f577bf545c9e2cfc76ec83efaf470461A presentation of an innovative education laboratory at the credit-economics faculty of the Tashkent institute of finance has taken place. This laboratory was created in cooperation with the Khalq Banki (people’s bank). 
The rector of the institute, B.Begalov; a deputy chairman of the Khalq Banki, Sh.Otaboyev; and others said that reforms being implemented in the educational sphere helped to improve educational processes, to introduce modern information communication technologies and to encourage and support innovative inventions.

A Presidential resolution dated 17 February 2017 “On measures to further improve the work of the Academy of Sciences and the conducting, management and financing of scientific research” plays an important role in further improving work being carried out in this sphere.

The Tashkent institute of finance initiated close cooperation with commercial banks, and consistent work is being conducted for graduates’ job placement. As a result, in the year 2016, 120 graduates of the institute were provided with jobs in the system of Khalq Banki. Employees of the bank regularly attend qualification upgrade training courses provided at the institute.

“The goal of creating the innovative education laboratory is to raise the practical knowledge and professional qualifications of students. Here they increase their knowledge about software provision for commercial banks, electronic payments and interactive banking services. This laboratory will serve as an important scientific base for students to conduct research on the basis of modern information-communication technologies and create innovative inventions,” says N.Oblomurodov, dean of the credit-economics faculty of the institute.