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June 15, 2015

New opportunities for taxpayers

opportunities_for_taxpayersCurrently, the State Tax Committee, in cooperation with the Central Bank is working on a project that will create a new convenience for taxpayers.

Very soon, the legal persons will be able to make online payment of taxes and other obligatory payments through “Personal Cabinet of the taxpayer” on the Internet.

The project was developed with the use of modern information and communication technologies on the basis of the international experience of the tax authorities of advanced countries in order to provide opportunities to taxpayers to pay taxes and other obligatory payments remotely without visiting the bank institutions.

The advantage of the developed system is that after the preparation and sending of tax reports in electronic form, with the consent of the taxpayer system automatically generates a payment order for payment of any amount of tax liabilities, which via secure channels will be sent to the account of the taxpayer service commercial bank.

If your current account has enough money at the same time to make payments with the wiring of the amount paid in the personal card of the taxpayer. With a shortage of funds the payment order is placed in the card file №2, which is e-mailed to the taxpayer.

This system will be available for the payment of current tax payments.

Another important feature is that by using this system, impleading of officials of economic entities to liability due to violation of Article 59 of the Tax Code “On ensuring the fulfillment of obligations to pay taxes and other obligatory payments” could be avoided.

Today, the system is being tested. The introduction into operation is scheduled for the month of July.

The service will be available round the clock at no charge.