New Opportunities of the Energy Industry in Uzbekistan

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February 13, 2016

New Opportunities of the Energy Industry in Uzbekistan


Energy is one of the most important sections of our economy. Therefore, special attention is paid to further strengthening the capacity of this sector, the modernization of industrial enterprises, ensuring high technique and technologies, saving of energy resources. The sectors have attracted foreign investments, numerous joint ventures created, which serves to improve the quality of products and expand the scale of production.

The “EGL-NUR” company has stepped up the production capacity. For example, in 2015, by the company were manufactured 174 thousand lamps, due to increased demand this year is planned to increase this rate to 72 percent.

Special attention thick is paid under the leadership of the head of our country to the development of exports contributes to the further expansion of the activity of joint venture. Currently, “EGL-NUR” is engaged in negotiations with a number of countries to establish exports of products.

All the necessary conditions for workers of the company have been created.

The enterprise plans to master the production of new types of lighting devices and enter the external market in the future.

Implemented with foreign investors prospective projects make a worthy contribution to the prosperity of our country’s economy and further improve the welfare of our people.