New product in December markets

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December 25, 2014

New product in December markets


new_product_market In Jomboy District of Samarkand region the sale of strawberries runs on December markets.

The investment of Uzbek-Korean joint venture KUTEC in the amount of 350 thousand US dollars served as the basis for the creation of this unusual business.

Currently the two of the four built greenhouses are working, which employ 8 people. With the launch of its full capacity of all four greenhouses number of employees will increase by another 15 people.

Strawberries are planted in special containers and used drip irrigation. If necessary, there will be introduced fertilizers and organic matter. The necessary microclimate has been maintained automatically.

“Jomboy” strawberries are characterized by good transportability and long life – they can be exported in order to further extension of greenhouse.