New stage of friendly relations between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan

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April 11, 2018

New stage of friendly relations between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan

An open dialogue on “Uzbekistan – Afghanistan relations: at a new stage of political progress” was held at the educational center on training Afghan citizens under the Ministry of higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in Termez.

This conference, which was attended by the permanent members of the UN Security Council, representatives of the Shanghai cooperation organization countries, aroused great interest among international experts. The opinion of the Head of Uzbekistan that, in order to ensure the success of peace process, it is important to provide the Afghans the initiative to choose the format, time and venue of peace talks, became an important step in finding a solution to a very complex conflict that has lasted for quite some time.

New stage of friendly relations between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan

It is also noteworthy that Uzbekistan serves as an example in establishment of relations and cooperation with Afghanistan by neighboring states in trade, economic, transport, communication, cultural, humanitarian and other spheres. In particular, Uzbekistan, which is the initiator of restoration stability and economic recovery in the neighboring country, is involved in Afghanistan in implementation of many projects in the spheres of mining, construction, energy, education. With the assistance of Uzbekistan, high-voltage electric and fiber-optic cable lines, water supply system, bridges and railways were built for the neighbors. They are supplied with oil products, electricity, fertilizers, polyethylene bags, food and other consumer goods. Assistance is being provided for reconstruction of the economy of the neighboring state, creation of new jobs and improvement of transit potential.

The opening in Termez district of an educational center on training Afghan citizens at the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a vivid confirmation of ancient friendly ties between the two countries. This educational institution is important for training qualified specialists with secondary special and higher education taking into account the needs of the Afghan side for socio-economic, transport, communication and other spheres. About 100 Afghan young boys and girls are studying in their professions.

During the event, participants received answers to all their questions. Students of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan exchanged views on issues related to science, education, culture, art and other spheres.