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October 29, 2016



The Ministry of Health has suggested setting up pharmacy activities in compliance with universally recognized gold standards.  

The website of Uzbekistan’s Legislative Act Assessment System has published guidelines of Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP).

The document regulates the main requirements for the activities of pharmacies to provide the population with quality drugs, medical devices and pharmaceutical services.

It states that a pharmacy may be created as a legal entity or its division and engage in retail sale of sanitary and hygiene products, medicinal food, mineral waters as well as beauty care products and biologically active food supplements provided that relevant documents for their application and sale are available.

If the proposed rules are adopted, all pharmacy premises should be located in the same isolation from other organizations block with a separate entrance (exit), electrical systems, heating, water supply, air-conditioning, ventilation and sanitation. The composition, size of premises and equipment should ensure the quality and safety of medicines and pharmaceutical product range. To control the conditions in the pharmacy, there must be instruments for recording air parameters such as thermometers, hygrometers and psychrometers.

Pharmacies must regularly conduct self-audits for conformity with regulations.

There are requirements for personnel too. The head of a pharmacy is required to have a higher education degree in pharmaceuticals while the head of a pharmacy branch should have a relevant secondary education degree. All staff must be aware of and follow pharmacy practice principles and rules and improve their skills in accordance with their responsibilities as well as following the norms of pharmacy ethics and deontology and undergoing medical checkups.