New success of Uzbek musicians in France

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May 4, 2015

New success of Uzbek musicians in France


success_Uzbek_musiciansThe music school Conservatoire Slave de Music in France hosted the IX International Competition of stringed instruments n.a. Alexander Glazunov. The event traditionally attracts the attention of young artists from different countries of the world. This year the competition was attended by more than thirty artists from Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Serbia, France and Uzbekistan.

Our country was represented by students of the Republican specialized music academic lyceum n.a. R.Glière and Republican specialized music academic lyceum (RSMAL) n.a. V.Uspensky.

It should be noted that all the pupils of music school in Uzbekistan were successful and won prizes.

The young musicians of the Lyceum n.a. R.Glière Karolina Bakhteeva (violin, first place), Sumbur Sarp (cello, first place), Sherhod Bakhtiyorov (cello, first place), Farangiz Khidoyatova (cello, second place) – from RSMAL n.a. V.Uspensky showed the greatest success.

In addition, in another international music competition held the same days in the city of Gagni the young pianist from Uzbekistan – Kamil Sultanov, a student of RSMAL and Adelya Salikhova, a student of the 7th grade of music school n.a. Berdakh have become laureates and took third place.

The general opinion of the international jury, the brilliant success of young Uzbek musicians in competitions in France was made possible thanks to the constant attention of the government of the republic is paid to education comprehensively and harmoniously developed young generation.

In an interview with the news agency “Jahon” international jury member, Doctor of Arts, professor of Vilnius Academy of Music Yurges Dvarionas (Lithuania) said the following:

– It is with great joy I can state that young Uzbek musicians are up to date. As a member of the jury I participate in this event from the very first competition. It was a very beautiful tradition that in every competition of young Uzbek musicians and their teachers always marked the highest awards, please listeners with great artistic achievements. This is very gratifying, because our rapidly changing age sometimes with the acquisition of something new, you can lose the tradition, especially the musical traditions, which are formed over the years. Uzbek musicians have already won a prestigious place, not only in Central Asia but also in Europe and worldwide.

Today, at the final concert young Uzbek violinists and cellists performed. The speakers are very sincere, and were remarkably prepared. They will have a very great future. When the future in the hands of musicians, then we have confidence that together we create not only music, but also the general cultural world.