NGOs in the Life of the Country

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July 4, 2016

NGOs in the Life of the Country


Large-scale activities have been carried out in Uzbekistan during the years of independence on securing guarantees of freedom of non-governmental organizations and consolidation of its legislative base. Particular attention has been paid to the observation of the NGOs legal interests and the interests of such other civil society institutions and setting up equal opportunities for them.

This was underlined at the press-conference devoted to the role of non-government non-commercial organization in the life of society and prospects for their development. The press-conference was held by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic.

A solid legal foundation was set up in this sphere, which includes more than 200 legal acts, which reflect organizational and legal conditions, as well as mechanisms in the development of NGOs, promoting their active involvement in the sphere of protection of environment and the health of population, social protection of vulnerable strata of population, development of sports and introduction of healthy way of life, development of entrepreneurship and ensuring the employment of the population.

Laws have been adopted, which regulate such important directions in the activities of NGOs as social partnership, public control, ecologic monitoring and others within the framework of the Concept on further deepening democratic reforms and shaping up a civil society.

The number of NGOs has been increasing in recent years in the country, currently they number more than 8,500 and quality of their activities keeps improving. They contribute to the growth of national conscientiousness, political culture and enhance spirituality, bring up in people the feeling of self-esteem, encourage defending democratic values, rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the population. The Public Fund in Support of NGOs and other civil society institutions under the Oliy Majlis render financial support to the civil sector.

Privileges and preferences have been granted to NGOs in recent years in their registration, mechanisms in the procedure of their registration have been simplified. This help not only to increase the number of such organizations in the country, but also the quality of implemented projects, ensure their effective operation and participation in the development of legislation, and also to identify current problems on the ground and to take timely decisions on them. Organizations carrying out their activities in support of women and children have been granted a special status.

The Ministry of Justice actively cooperates with the non-government sector on the dissemination of legal knowledge, protection of the interests of citizens, entrepreneurs and elaboration of draft laws. The Ministry has signed memoranda on cooperation with the NGOs in certain directions of activities. Detailed information on the scale of partnership, goals and objectives of joint projects were presented at the press-conference.