Noble Objectives and Tangible Results

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August 22, 2016

Noble Objectives and Tangible Results

nobel_objective Thanks to creative activities carried out in our country the quality of population’s life has been growing up and business environment has been improving with every passing year. We can state with confidence that the undertaken steps produce tangible results these days, when Uzbekistan is getting prepared for celebrations in connection with the 25th anniversary of independence and looking back at the past years.

The “Uzbek model” of development based on the stage-by-state transition to market relations makes the foundation of all our achievements. Having proved its efficiency it arouses admiration and has been highly assessed by the world community. The socio-economic reforms carried out in the country, are noted for their comprehensive purposefulness, in the first place, aimed at ensuring the wellbeing of the people.

Transformations in the banking sphere are obvious. One of the most important chains of this sector is the “Agrobank” Shareholding commercial bank, which has been continuously achieving success one year after another. For the purpose of supporting the small business and private entrepreneurship entities the “Agrobank” allocated almost 520 billion soums worth of loans, which is 32% more compared with the last year. The allocated funds helped create 3,3 thousand new jobs.

“All conditions have been created in Uzbekistan for diligent people with initiative,” says head of the private enterprise “Istiqlol” Jakhongir Bozorov. “Having made up my mind to set up the production of vegetable oil I applied to the Dekhqonobod branch of the “Agrobank” for a loan to buy equipment and the raw materials. The bank assigned me 288ms. The result is that recently we produced the first consignment of oil and employed eight people. Conditions, created for entrepreneurs, as well as tax and such other benefits inspire me to expand my business.”

Systemic activities are being carried out within the State program “The Year of healthy Mother and Child”. Particular attention is paid to supporting the small business and private entrepreneurship entities, to projects on the creation of new workplaces and financing activities aimed at further improvement of the population’s well-being.

As of June 1, 56 billion soums worth of loans were channeled for financing lady entrepreneurs’ business projects on expansion f their household business and 10 billion soums worth of credits in support of craftsmanship. This had a positive impact on the more active role and involvement of women in small business and private entrepreneurship activities, as well in the life of the society in general.

The bank has also allocated loans to the amount of 135 billion soums for projects aimed at developing the food industry to secure the provision of the population with high quality food products, 103 billion soums – for production of non-food output, and 31 billion soums for development of the sphere of public services.

This country has been realizing a thoroughly thought-over strategy in support of the youth initiatives, thanks to which graduates of professional colleges implement their business ideas into life. Soft loans issued for young entrepreneurs have turned into a good help for them. The “Agrobank” JSB has allocated over 15 billion soums to this end.

The credit funds of “Agrobank” for representatives of small businesses serve the cause of expanding the scales of entrepreneurial activities and enhancing their contribution to filling the local markets with domestically manufactured goods and commodities. The bank continues to carry out its activities on raising the level of its participation in the further development of entrepreneurship, and expansion of the range and quality of rendered services. Our customers enjoy broad opportunities for setting up their own businesses, modernization of production and creation of new jobs.