Number of Uzbekistan’s population exceeds 31.8 million people

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July 22, 2016

Number of Uzbekistan’s population exceeds 31.8 million people

populationNumber of permanent population of Uzbekistan made up 31.807 million people as of 1 July 2016, the press service of the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan said.

The committee said that number of permanent population rose by 231,700 people or 0.7% compared to the beginning of 2016.

The number of urban population was 16.11 million people (50.6% of the total number of population) and rural population – 15.697 million people (49.4%).

According to the committee, number of births was 318,000 in the first half of 2016. The birth rate was 20.2 pro mil (20.2 pro mil in 2015).

In the reporting period, the number of deaths was 73,900 and in comparison with January-June 2016. The death rate was 4.7 per mille.

In the structure of total deaths cardiovascular diseases made up 59.7%, tumors – 8.6%, diseases of digestive organs – 5.5%, respiratory diseases – 6.3%, accidents, poisonings and traumas – 5.6%.

About 3,700 children died at the age under one year. The infant death rate was 10 pro mil. Out of the total number of children died at the age under one year 53.5% died of states occurring in perinatal period, 24.4% – respiratory diseases, 10.2% – congenital anomalies, and 3% – infectious and parasitic diseases.

According to the preliminary data in January-June 2016, the number of immigrants was 72,000 persons and that of emigrants – 84,400 persons. Balance of migration was minus 12,400 persons, which rose by 1,000 people.