OGU 2014 exhibition kicks off in Uzbekistan

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May 25, 2014

OGU 2014 exhibition kicks off in Uzbekistan

The 18th International Uzbekistan Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference (OGU 2014) will take place at the Uzexpocentre National Exhibition Complex from 13 to 15 May 2014.

The OGU 2014 is organised by international exhibition company ITE Uzbekistan and their partners ITE Group.

This year, OGU coincides with three important anniversaries – the 55 year anniversary of the Ferghana Oil Processing Plant and the Institute of Geology and Surveying of Oil and Gas Deposits of Uzbekneftegaz, as well as the 10 year anniversary of the signing of an Agreement on the division of production between Uzbekneftegaz and Lukoil Overseas Holding Ltd for the creation of the Kandym-Khauzak-Shady megaproject which will be put into operation over 35 years.

As always, the first day of the conference on the 13 May will take place under the LUKOIL banner. A substantial presentation will provide detailed information about the activities of the company, which is implementing three projects in Uzbekistan today – Kandym-Khauzak-Shady-Kungrad, the development of deposits in South-West Hissar and carrying out the geological survey of the Uzbek part of the Aral sea. A special show that reflects the dynamics of the development of LUKOIL will take place on the open platform of the Uzexpocentre.

The International Oil and Gas Uzbekistan exhibition will unite over 160 companies from 20 countries this year, including Great Britain, Hungary, Vietnam, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Korea, Poland, Romania, Russia, USA, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and France.

The latest equipment for the extraction and processing of oil and gas products, tools, instruments and the best engineering solutions from leading international producers will be presented at the many stands run by international companies that have taken up 83% of the exhibition space. As always, the national groups of Germany and Italy will present their displays.

The number of Russian companies is the most noticeable among the countries of the CIS, including recognised industry leaders: LUKOIL, RUDMASHEXPORT, ALBATROS CJSC, GMS GROUP, JSC KMPO – KAZAN MOTOR PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION, KAZANKOMPRESSORMASH, KORTEM-GORELTEX (Expolosion protected equipment plant), YOKOGAWA ELECTRIC CIS, UNITED ENGINE CORPORATION, UNITED METALLURGICAL COMPANY, PERMSNABSBYT, PERGAM-ENGINEERNG, AUMA, PREMIUM-ENERGY, SIBGEOPHYSPRIBOR, SIGNAL EPO, SEISMIC INSTRUMENT BUILDING CONSTRUCTION BUREAU, URAL COMPRESSOR PLANT and many others. Exhibitors from Ukraine and Kazakhstan are also well represented, having regularly demonstrated their products and services at the exhibition. TURBULENTNOST DON will be making their debut at the exhibition (Rostov-on-Don).

Germany is represented by a number of major companies – DRAEGERWEK AG, JUMO GMBH&CO. KG, KANEX KROHNE ANLAGEN EXPORT GMBH, MAN DIESEL & TURBO SE, NDT GLOBAL GmbH and SAMSON AG. The companies are active in the provision of security and safety at production facilities, production of controllers, regulators and indicators, measurement equipment, diesel engines and turbines as well as pipeline inspection.

The stands of Italy, France, Romania, Poland and Denmark will be presenting freight forwarding services, control systems, technical installations for the oil and gas industry, equipment for gas production, mining equipment and many other products and services. The national stand of Italy that is exhibiting at OGU for the fifth time includes APRILE PROJECT SPA, BREDA ENERGIA S.p.A., COMART SPA, COMMERCIALE TUBI ACCIAIO – CASPIAN SEA, FORNOVO GAS SRL, MARELLI MOTORI SPA, SAFE SPA and TENOVA SPA.

There has also been a noticeable increase in the number of Chinese and South Korean exhibitors, who will include BEIJING TIANHAI INDUSTRY CO., LTD, BGP INC., SHANDONG KERUI PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT CO., LTD., SHANGHAI SHENKAI PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT CO., LTD, TIANHE OIL, TIANJIN LILIN PETROLEUM MACHINERY CO.,LTD. (China), HANAPLANT & ENGITEK, KANGLIM, KWANGSHIN MACHINE IND. CO., LTD (Korea), which specialise on the production of air and gas compressors, equipment for gas filling stations, drilling rigs and other products for the industry.

The oil and gas industry is a whole set of issues and complex tasks, which can only be successfully solved thought the attraction of interest and technologies. For many years, the OGU exhibition and conference has served as a platform for productive cooperation and discussion, where the largest projects in the oil and gas industry are initiated with the support of the government of Uzbekistan. Every year, Uzbekneftegaz National Holding Company holds meetings and negotiations at their stand at the exhibition, with particular attention to the quality of their presentations.

About 15 domestic companies and joint enterprises will also be involved in the work of the exhibition. The lineup of enterprises, producers and distributors include brands, such as AGROMASHHOLDING-TASHKENT, ARISTON-THERMO UTG, CORE ENGINEERING, DURON SYSTEM, GRAND MAXSAN ENGINEERING, METAL GAZ, NEFTGAZKIPAVTOMATIKA, SUN INDUSTRY, UNITED ACTIONS TRADING, KOSSOR OPERATING COMPANY and ARISTON-THERMO UTG.

The business programme at OGU 2014 will continue with the International Scientific Technical Conference on the 14 and 15 of May. The important issues on the agenda of the 6 plenary and technical sessions on 14-15 May include “Development Of Uzbekistan’s Oil And Gas Industry”, “International Cooperation – Success Stories And New Opportunities”, “Financing Oil and Gas Projects in Uzbekistan”, “Deep Hydrocarbon Processing Technologies” and “Exploration Experience And Enhanced Oil Recovery – What Has Worked And What Is Needed”. The venue for the conference will be International Hotel Tashkent, Amir Temur hall.

Conference delegates will include leading specialists and heads of major oil companies from around the world, including nearly 120 foreign experts.