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May 10, 2017



An open dialogue has been arranged at the Tashkent city customs directorate on the provision of support for external economic activity participants, on the detailed study of problems that they are faced with in the customs sphere and on ways of dealing with these problems.

The first deputy chief of the Tashkent city customs directorate, T.Rejepov, and others said that systemic work was being carried out in this country to ensure effective customs control, to create broad conditions for entrepreneurs and to protect the internal market.

During the open dialogue, there was discussion about identifying and solving problems hindering business activities.

Today entrepreneurs enter export agreement information into the single electronic information system for external trade operations with the use of electronic digital signatures. The Customs Committee is providing 22 types of interactive services.

“These conveniences speed up export processes and further simplify the procedures relating to the drawing up of documents. All these save entrepreneurs time and money. Entrepreneurs are making effective use of these conveniences. However, at this open dialogue, we became aware that there are still some problems in entrepreneurial activities. Work will be carried out to study and solve these problems,” says Nodir Salimjonov, chief of a section of the customs directorate for the city of Tashkent.

As was noted at the event, the thorough knowledge of the customs legislation that specialists dealing with customs documentation have and their ability to properly use in practice new norm-setting legislative documents help to facilitate the work of external economic activity participants and also help to reduce shortcomings in the customs system and to ensure the correct and complete levying of customs duties.

It was said that the following trust line number 120-76-71 had been established to protect the rights and legitimate interests of external economic activity participants.

During the open dialogue, entrepreneurs expressed their proposals and also spoke about problems in their activities. Specialists gave answers to their questions.