Openness, fairness and equality – the main criteria

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December 25, 2014

Openness, fairness and equality – the main criteria


openness_fairnessThe foreign observers visiting to the polling stations of Surkhandarya region noted that the elections are being held on the basis of the principles of openness, fairness and democracy.

Pravda Ratxor.jpgPravda Rathor, chief editor of «World mass communication» (India):

– The elections taking place on the basis of openness and transparency show that under the leadership of President Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan it has been achieved significant results on the formation of a democratic constitutional state and a free civil society. A striking example is the free will of the voters. Taking full advantage of the media in learning about the essence and goals of the election programs of political parties and candidates is important in a wide involvement of the population in the process. At the polling stations it has been created all conditions for the participation of the media. In the national legislation of Uzbekistan it was fixed rules of the election on the basis of the principles of justice and equality, that promotes the development of the country.

Shirin Akiner.jpgShirin Akiner, a professor at Cambridge University (UK):

– The programs of political parties participating in the elections reflect the socio-economic issues related to further development and growth of the welfare of the people. Having been at the polling stations, we have witnessed the active voting electorate. In discussions with representatives of political parties and observers we have learned about their programs and purposes, the opinion about the election.

I am pleased to note that active preparations have been carried out for the elections and this is evidenced by the activeness of population.

I came to Termez five years ago. Glad to see great creative work of transformation and change carried out during this time. All this is the result of successive reforms in Uzbekistan.