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December 27, 2016



At the national press centre, a press conference has been held by Uzstandart on the subject of “Topical issues of upholding international standards in our country”.

The director general of Uzstandart, A.Hayitov; and others have said that thanks to attention given to the modernization of the country’s production sector and to working to international quality standards, products made in Uzbekistan have a firm position not only on the domestic market but also on external markets.

The First President’s decree dated 26 March 2012 “On additional measures to step up the encouragement of exporting enterprises and to increase the export of competitive products” is an important document in this area.

Uzstandart is carrying out work to implement a programme for the development of national quality infrastructure until the year 2020 for the purpose of further improving the quality of products being made in the country and ensuring the recognition of conformance assessment results.

“As part of the implementation of this programme, special attention is being paid to modernizing testing and measuring instruments, technical re-equipment, laboratories’ international accreditation, international standards and the establishment of quality assurance control systems. In the year 2016, 4849.2 million soms worth of funds were spent on the modernization and re-equipment of testing and measuring laboratories, and 172 modern and high precision instruments were bought,” says Odiljon Tohirov, the chief of a directorate of Uzstandart.

Uzstandart’s testing laboratories for such areas as food, light industry, electro-technics and construction have passed international accreditation.

Specialists gave answers to questions that were of interest to journalists.