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February 6, 2017



A ceremonial event took place in Tashkent on 28 January on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Ozbekiston Havo Yollari national airline.

The event was attended by members of the Senate, deputies of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis (parliament) of the Republic of Uzbekistan, members of the government, representatives of state and public organizations and representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in the country, officials and veterans of the airline.

A congratulatory message fr om President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the staff of the Ozbekiston Havo Yollari national airline was read out by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan, A.Aripov.

Presidential decrees were issued to give the Ozbekiston Havo Yollari national airline a certificate of merit of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and high state awards of the Motherland to a number of workers of this airline. During the event, these awards were presented to them ceremonially.

In accordance with a decree dated 28 January 1992 of the country’s First President, Islam Karimov, “On establishing Uzbekistan’s national airline”, this national airline was created. This was an important step towards the economic development of the country and towards strengthening its independence.

This document set the company tasks relating to the stable development of the civil aviation sector, which is of strategic significance, to ensuring flight safety and to providing services for passengers to international standards.

In Uzbekistan, the state constantly pays attention to improving the work of the national airline. As a result, in a short space of time, the Ozbekiston Havo Yollari national airline took up a worthy position in the world air services market. At the same time, safety, comfort and high quality became hallmarks of the airline.

The civil aviation sector is one of the important sectors that promote the country’s good image and strengthen international ties. Modern and comfortable airliners bearing the state flag’s image and the writing “Ozbekiston” carry out regular air flights to more than 50 countries of the world and charter flights to destinations ranging from Alaska to New Zealand. In the year 2016, Uzbekistan’s national airline provided services for 2.5 million passengers and transported 43 thousand tonnes of cargo.

Over the past period, the air fleet of the national airline was completely modernized with new and comfortable aeroplanes, including those of the latest generation. As a result, the national airline of Uzbekistan took up a firm position in the world air transportation market and ensured a high level of aviation safety.

All these not only show the dynamic augmentation of the country’s economic potential but also help the development of international tourism. After all, tourists prefer to visit countries wh ere a wide range of good and affordable transportation services are provided. Pilots of the Ozbekiston Havo Yollari national airline learned to fly such aeroplanes as A-320, Boeing-757/767 and Il-114-100 and began to carry out air flights with new generation aeroplanes such as Dreamliner.

Large-scale work has been carried out to reconstruct airports and reform the system of air traffic control in conformity with modern requirements. Major repairs were made at all the 11 airports of the country. These were modernized and obtained the status of international airport. As a result, the flow of foreign tourists to the country increased, and the level of services provided for them rose. “Tashkent”. “Samarqand”, “Bukhara”, “Urgench” and other international airports won at a number of international contests.

The international logistical centre created at the “Navoi” airport is one of the region’s largest high technology air transportation hubs. Today this centre links our country with such big logistical centres of the world as Frankfurt, Milan, Brussels, Vienna, Dubai, Delhi, Tehran and Shanhgai.

Together with South Korean partners, a big project is being implemented to build a new passenger terminal called “Tashkent 4” to be the most modern in Central Asia. Its throughput capacity will be 1500 passengers an hour. This facility is to be commissioned in 2019.

The conscientious work of the staff of the air fleet of Uzbekistan is properly rewarded by the state. Dozens of specialists of this sphere were awarded titles of honour and medals. Zarkhoja Saidazimov, a pilot-instructor of the national airline, was awarded the high title of hero of Uzbekistan.

The director general of the Ozbekiston Havo Yollari national airline, V.Tyan; a pilot instructor, D.Muhammedjanov, the commander of air crew No 2, D.Marufov; and others expressed profound gratitude to the country’s President for the constant support and great attention to the work of the national airline and the high evaluation of the labour of its staff.

The ceremonial event concluded with a concert programme.