Pakistani press about development of geotourism in Uzbekistan 

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May 24, 2016

Pakistani press about development of geotourism in Uzbekistan 


Pakistani specialized newspaper Traveller International published an article dedicated to the achievements of the tourism sphere of Uzbekistan and opening new areas in the country this industry.

The article reported that the tourism industry in Uzbekistan offers active forms of recreation and sports tourism, and travel with cognitive purposes, where the object of knowledge are the monuments of architecture and spiritual history.

It is noted that geotourism is one of the growing areas of the tourism industry in the country. As a kind of eco-tourism, it suggests leaving directly on geological features, which millions of years. As an example, the publication brings the south-western spurs of Gissar range, where you can see the unique geological sections of the Jurassic deposits, Cretaceous, Paleogene and Neogene age (199 – 1.8 million years). They are arranged in a gallery to each other and each of them is unique.

As newspaper pointed out, Uzbekistan is member of the ten world leaders on a scale of tourism and the number of historical monuments. More than 7000 historical and cultural monuments make admire the guests all over the world.

In conclusion, the author points out that the expanding of international tourism is important issue of peace and security, political and economic stability in individual countries. In this regard, Uzbekistan is very informative example, which is one of the most visited countries in the world.