Parliamentary Elections in Uzbekistan – 2014

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August 18, 2014

Parliamentary Elections in Uzbekistan – 2014

On the Parliamentary Elections in Uzbekistan

The Central Election Commission has adopted a program according to which the elections to the lower house of the Oliy Majlis (Parliament) of Uzbekistan will be held on December 21.

In accordance with Article 117 of the Constitution of Uzbekistan, parliamentary elections will be held on the first Sunday of the third decade of December this year.

CEC adopted a program of measures for the preparation and conduct of the parliamentary elections, as well as regional, district and city councils of people’s deputies in 2014.

The program includes a series of measures to ensure the transparency and openness of elections at all stages of the election campaign, as well as the implementation of the preparatory work and the organization of the electoral process in strict accordance with the law.

Since 2005 Uzbekistan has a bicameral parliament. The parliament comprises of Legislative Chamber (lower house) with 150 members and the Senate (upper house) with 100 senators. MP are elected for the period of five years.