Patent for an anti-coronavirus drug issued in Uzbekistan

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June 29, 2022

Patent for an anti-coronavirus drug issued in Uzbekistan

The anti-coronavirus drug received a patent from the Pharmaceutical Institute of Education and Research of Uzbekistan.

Through the joint efforts of pharmacists and pharmacologists of this Institute, based on natural and mineral sources, a multicomponent drug “Anticovir” was created by biotechnological and chemical synthesis.

Clinical and preclinical studies have shown that the drug prevents the penetration of coronavirus into cells with their subsequent damage and has an immunomodulatory effect aimed at increasing humoral immunity.

The components of the drug have anticoagulant, antioxidant, cytoprotective, immunomodulatory effects, as well as provide antibacterial and antiviral activity. Clinical studies indicate a high efficacy of the drug in 92 percent of patients, and no undesired side effects were noted in the study group.

Sherali Otaboyev, UzA