People of Uzbekistan shared the last piece of bread with evacuees in the years of war

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May 9, 2018

People of Uzbekistan shared the last piece of bread with evacuees in the years of war

At the event held in Tashkent Botanical Garden, dedicated to the Day of Memory and Honor, as well as to the 73rd Anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that in 1941-1945 Uzbekistan became an all-Union hospital. Thousands of soldiers and officers received necessary treatment here and returned to the front and work in the rear.

– At that most difficult time, humanism, charity and sincere generosity inherent in our people from time immemorial have manifested themselves most vividly, – said the Head of the state.

Uzbekistan received about 1 million people, including 200 thousand children, whom the brutal war deprived of shelter, relatives and friends.

And today, decades later, truly as a spiritual feat, it is perceived that hundreds of Uzbek families brought up the evacuated orphans, shared the last piece of bread with them, warmed them with kindness and warmth of their hearts.

Family of smith Shoakhmad Shomakhmudov from Tashkent is among them. His family brought up 14 children deprived by destiny, surrounded them with parental love and care. In their example, the whole world has learned what high human qualities our noble and generous people have.

Taking into account the numerous proposals of our people, we decided to return the monument to the family of Shoakhmad Shomakhmudov to its former place in the center of Tashkent.