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February 27, 2017


aa46b0ec32a08cf16d2bf37e375d637bThe construction of an industrial park at the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry, and fitting it out with necessary scientific and laboratory equipment will be completed in 2018.

As previously reported, the funds of technical assistance (grant) of the government of the Republic of Korea in the amount of $ 15 million are allocated to the establishment of industrial park. Construction of a new teaching and research institution is conducted at 30, Bobur Street, Tashkent. Foreign experts will be involved in the organization of the technopark.

On the territory of the industrial park it will be organized a training for students and young scientists on the methodology and practice of applied research in the textile, sewing and knitting, dyeing and finishing, design fields. Lectures, seminars and workshops will be conducted with the participation of foreign professors and research scientists.

The technopark will be a platform on the basis of national and international educational and research programs with the involvement of young scientists of the republic, scientific researches in the relevant areas of technopark’s activity on the basis of demands of domestic and foreign organizations, including scientific and educational institutions. The material science, dyeing and finishing of textiles, creating a new design of fabrics and garments, including the use of advanced information and communication, energy and resource-saving technologies will be the main areas of the research.

The technopark will become the center for the preparation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel with high qualifications under the supervision of foreign professional and teaching staff.