“Poedem, poedim” will make the next TV show about Uzbekistan

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September 22, 2016

“Poedem, poedim” will make the next TV show about Uzbekistan

tourism1In the context of TITF-2016 camera crew of “Poedem, poedim” TV show will make the second episode about Uzbekistan. This time the show will be devoted to Tashkent and Khorezm regions. The first episode dedicated to Samarkand and attracted high number of audience. Thus the decision was made to shoot the second episode.

“Poedem, poedim” is the project of NTV TV channel (Russia) which has started in October, 2012. Nowadays this program has become one of the most popular programs in its segment on the Russian television. The main characters of the show are countryside inhabitants, hunters and fishermen, geologists and gold-diggers, representatives of various nations and nationalities. Each of them has their own recipes of tasty and healthy food which they share with NTV audience.