PPCH «O’qituvchi» received the certificate of ISO-9001

pphIn Uzbek Agency for Press and Information solemn awarding Publishing-printingcreative house (PPCH) «O’qituvchi» the Quality System Certificate of requirements of international standard ISO-9001, according to the National Information Agency UzA.

At the event, it was noted that in our country is carried out extensive work on the technical and technological renewal of all sectors of the economy, introduction of international standards of quality control.

During the preparatory work, with the assistance of the consulting company Alfakon Systems have been studied all aspects of PPCH «O’qituvchi». With a staff of workshops were held on the application and implementation of international standards. According to the survey it was developed and approved policy of the publishing house in the field of quality management system. Also approved the documents regulating the basic processes of the enterprise.

The new system has allowed to upgrade all stages of quality control, establish a strict monitoring and continuous measurement of technological parameters of manufacturing processes, facilities and environment.

It should be noted that the certificate is recognized in 58 countries, including United States, South Korea, Japan, the European Union. This will allow «O’qituvchi» become stronger in the international market, to conclude contracts and supply their products abroad.


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