Pre-holiday trade fairs open in Andijan

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March 18, 2018

Pre-holiday trade fairs open in Andijan

Agricultural trade fairs are organized in Andijan on the eve of Navruz holiday.

“Andijongushtsutsavdo”, “Andijonbalik” and “Elga hizmat” LLCs, as well as agro firms, poultry farms, trade organizations operating in the region and farmers are offering their products at the trade fairs, organized in the communities of the city.

At the fairs, citizens can buy products at low prices. People are satisfied with quality of services.

– We are pleased with quality and price of products offered at these fairs, – says labor veteran from Ikbol makhalla of Andijan city Mukarram Khudoyberdiyeva. Here, we can buy products at low prices.

Trade fairs, held on Navruz holiday, symbol of kindness and generosity for people, are vivid evidence of concern for people’s well-being, contribute to ensuring abundance and prosperity in their homes.

Trade fairs started to operate in all cities and district centers of the region.