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October 26, 2016



The number of educators with higher education has almost tripled at the state children’s kindergartens during the last five years.

At the same time measures are being undertaken within the framework of the Concept of development of preschool education in Uzbekistan, adopted in 2008, on the creation of conditions for educators with the objective of further improving the quality of preparing children for school. Deputy Minister of Public Education Dilshod Kenjayev elaborated in more detail on this subject:

“Preschool education is a foundation of pupils’ all subsequent successes. A Concept was approved in 2008, which reflects major factors, goals and objectives for renovation of this sphere. The most important of them is shaping a child as a personality. A systemic stage-by-stage work on the construction and reconstruction of kindergartens, providing them with didactic materials, toys and sporting inventory has been set on track for its implementation. This activity is financed on account of the State and local budgets. Thus, in 2010-2015 the government allocated 3 billion soums annually for fitting out 4916 establishments where had been brought up about 668 thousand little boys and girls. 132 non-government kindergartens have started their activities: they are attended by 4,485 children.

“Preschoolers have at their disposal sport clubs of rhythmic gymnastics, chess and other types of sports, circles for the study of foreign languages, early career counseling and many others. They study national cultural heritage and traditions in the offices of spirituality and at the libraries and museums under the kindergartens.

“Experienced educators help them in this work. A system of continuous improvement of their qualification and acquainting them with modern methods of training has been set up.

“A new form of preschool education was organized two years ago for fuller coverage of children and creation of conveniences for young families. These are short-term detention groups at which experienced pedagogues prepare children for school. Currently more than 2 thousand such groups united more than 53,000 children.

“Five illustrated manuals based on the “Bolajon” support program have been printed out for parents of those children who do not attend kindergartens. They will help the adults to develop their 5-6 year-old sons and daughters’ speaking, mathematical and other skills. All these activities help to raise to a qualitatively new level the preschool training of the growing generation.”