President becomes acquainted with modern energy-efficient houses construction

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October 9, 2019

President becomes acquainted with modern energy-efficient houses construction

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the project of construction of Olmazor Business City center in Tashkent’s Almazar district on June 29 last year. In February this year, construction activities began on almost 24 hectares between the Small Ring Road and Yangi Olmazor Street.

The territory is divided into 6 lots. A shopping center, offices and entertainment complexes are being built on the first and second lots. 28 multi-storey buildings for 2.1 thousand apartments are under construction on the third, fourth and fifth lots, a preschool education institution and a school for 300 and 500 places on the sixth lot. Shops will be located on the first floors of the houses. The walls of the buildings will consist of seven layers, including basalt fiber, which will provide a comfortable temperature in summer and winter.

On October 9, the Head of the state visited this place and got acquainted with construction progress. The President drew attention to the innovative, energy-saving technologies used in construction.

“It is necessary to increase the number of houses, make housing more affordable by saving resources. For this, the production of building materials, basalt fiber should be expanded, so that they reach every region”, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Detailed information was provided on construction activities. It was noted that domestic building materials are used, the apartments will be fully equipped with household appliances and furniture made in Uzbekistan.

“Building is the first step. The main thing is qualified operation. It is necessary to provide high-quality service to homes, residents, and to effectively use engineering equipment”, said the Head of the state.

A meeting was also held with representatives of Almazar district.