President of Uzbekistan spoke with farmers of Namangan region

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May 4, 2018

President of Uzbekistan spoke with farmers of Namangan region

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a dialogue with farmers of Namangan region at “Besh sada” farm of Naryn district.

“Besh sada” farm was organized in 2004. The team led by Dolimjon Sharipov, grows grain on 27 hectares and cotton on more than 21 hectares of land in the current year.

On the initiative of the President, the second Sunday of December in Uzbekistan is celebrated as the Day of Agricultural Workers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Head of the state, in his speech at the solemn meeting held on this occasion on December 9, 2017, noted the need to introduce new cultivation methods for increasing the fertility of cotton fields and to effectively use lands with phased abandonment of obsolete methods of cotton sowing. Today farms of the region are organizing agrotechnical measures of cotton on the basis of modern principles in accordance with this task.

“Besh sada” farm also introduced a method of sowing cotton in double rows. As a result, each hectare of land contained an additional 35 thousand cotton seeds, which will increase the yield by 40 centners. It is expected that the total yield per hectare will reach 80 centners, and net profit will amount 35 million sums.

During the conversation with farmers, the President, touching upon the large-scale reforms in the country, noted that there is a lot to do in the spheres of education, healthcare, and agriculture.

– The main goal of all our actions is satisfaction of people, strengthening confidence in the future, – said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Farmers expressed gratitude to the Head of the state for conditions and opportunities created for them, special attention given to agriculture.

The President inspected the farm field.