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July 1, 2017



President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the center of citizens’ gathering of “Katta Korasuv” makhalla in Mirzo Ulugbek district. 

The head of our state, during his trips to the regions, visits makhallas, gets acquainted with conditions created for employees, prevention inspectors and the population, and holds dialogue with people.

As a result of special attention paid in our country to strengthening the legal foundations of the makhalla institute, expanding its powers and objectives, ensuring close interaction with the state governing bodies and administration, the role of civil society institutions in socio-economic life of the country is increasing.

The Decree of the head of our state “On measures of further improving the makhalla institute” of February 3 of this year marked the beginning of a new stage in development of this system. The makhalla institute is being radically reformed and improved in accordance with requirements of time.

A vivid example of this is the activity carried out in “Katta Korasuv” makhalla.

More than 3,4 thousand people, representatives of different nationalities are living in the makhalla. Capitally renovated makhalla center helps to strengthen the cohesion of people, the atmosphere of friendship and harmony.

There are separate offices in the building of the center of the citizens’ gathering for the chairman, secretary and makhalla advisors, prevention inspector that are equipped with modern information and communication technologies, provided with furniture and literature. There is a library with computers, Internet access, electronic literature in the center, which contributes to organization of meaningful leisure of the population, improving the reading culture of youth.

The head of our state talked with the makhalla activists about upbringing of youth, activities carried out on ensuring employment of the population, prevention of crime in the makhalla.

A chaykhana (tea-house), bakery, beauty salon, shops, sports and children’s playgrounds that are opened in the makhalla center contribute not only to ensuring the daily needs of residents, but also to strengthening of stable spiritual atmosphere.

The President of our country got acquainted with the makhalla life. Members of the “Crystal” children’s dance ensemble performed dances. Young talents were presented musical instruments.

It was noted that makhalla plays a leading role in establishing a clear system of working with unorganized youth, protecting them from influence of various ideas alien to our society.

Instructions were given on establishment of a permanent dialogue with the population, creating necessary conditions and opportunities for the effective activity on prevention of crime and delinquency, ensuring peace and safety of citizens, working effectively with minors.