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November 5, 2017


On November 3, a meeting under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev was held on further development of craftsmanship, comprehensive support of artisans, increasing employment of the population.

Craftsmanship was well developed in our country from ancient times. Traditions of learning crafts from childhood, the desire to benefit people have become the national values of our people. Over the centuries, the types of folk crafts have increased, enriched with new styles and schools. Today there are 34 kinds of artisan activities in our country.

Due to conditions created in the years of independence, a wide road opened for the revival and multiplication of national values for further development of craftsmanship. “Hunarmand” Republican Association was organized with its departments at places. If in the old days, masters and artisans faced different difficulties and barriers in demonstrating and selling their products, today centers of artisans are created in each district and city, special shopping arcades in the markets and in shopping malls.

The dynasties of artisans are supported, especially in terms of transferring the secrets of mastery to youth on the basis of “Master-student” traditions.

Craftsmanship plays an important role in producing goods that are in demand, improving the welfare of the population, ensuring employment, especially of youth, women and low-income families. Therefore, the President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev pays special attention to further development of craftsmanship, all-round support of national masters.

At the meeting, issues of development of folk crafts and applied arts, expansion of manufactured products, on the basis of this – creation of new workplaces were discussed.

The need of financing promising projects of artisans, granting them preferential loans, attracting investment of international financial institutions to the sphere was noted. Heads of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, “Hunarmand” Association, “Microcreditbank” and the first deputy khokims of districts were instructed to develop specific plans in the context of districts, taking into account the peculiar features and traditions of the regions, the need to reach every artisan.

Attention was paid to issues of state registration of artisans, provision of vacant buildings for them on a preferential basis for organization of activities, providing with equipment, necessary raw materials.

Instructions were given on expanding the artisans’ centers, simplifying the delivery of their products to buyers. In particular, the need of creating broad opportunities for craftsmen to sell their products in markets and supermarkets, and, if desired, to open shops in their homes was emphasized. It is necessary to create conditions for craftsmen who do not have a permanent place of trade, who trade at temporary places for the voluntary use of cash register and trading terminal on the basis of trade rules, as well as collection of cash proceeds to commercial banks.

According to the instructions given at the meeting, special exhibition-fairs for free of charge participation of artisans will be organized in each region. They will also be assisted in participating in exhibitions, festivals and fairs held abroad.

Export activities of artisans will also be stimulated. They will be given the right of free disposal of foreign currency received from the export of their own products, in particular, obtaining foreign currency from a bank account in cash.

The need for development of craftsmanship was noted in order to attract youth on the basis of “Master-student” tradition, encouraging artisans to receive students and training them in craftsmanship, comprehensively assisting young artisans in establishing their activities.

Instructions were given on further expansion of the scale of activities in this direction, increasing the allocation of loans for craftsmanship.

At the meeting, issues of development of private entrepreneurship in the sphere, financial and organizational support of artisans, increasing employment of the population and other relevant issues were discussed.

The officials of branch organizations were entrusted with corresponding tasks.