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December 10, 2016



Two large-scale projects have been scheduled for the Sergely district of Tashkent in the coming years. It is projected to construct a terrestrial subway and modern high-rise apartment buildings.

In 2017-2022, the authorities intend to erect 500 apartment buildings in the district. The implementation of the large-scale project would meet the needs for new housing of nearly 30,000 families. Experts of relevant ministries and organizations are currently working on designing and construction of transport and communication networks, cultural and household facilities.

The new terrestrial line, the construction of which is scheduled for the end of the current year, will stretch to more than 8 kilometers and include six stations. Judging by the sketches, it promises to be an interesting and futuristic design in hi-tech style with the use of iron, glass and plastic. For passenger and pedestrian safety, the rail will be laid about six meters above earth. According to preliminary calculations, the project will take approximately four years.