Products of Jizzakh region – on the external market

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June 22, 2015

Products of Jizzakh region – on the external market

Product_Jizzakh_regionIn the first quarter of this year Jizzakh region realized export of goods and services amounting to 3.8 million USD, according to the National Information Agency UzA.

Today in the field of export such new products as car batteries, clothes, carpets, household paper have been established. New production facilities are created, production and range of industrial products are expanding, which contributes not only to the saturation of the domestic market, but also increase the export potential.

Due to structural changes in the regional economy 237 projects in 2014 and 18 projects in the first quarter of 2015 implemented in the industrial sector. In enterprises with modern technologies competitive, export-oriented products are being produced.

In a “Zarista-Tex” Ltd. in the village Tokchilik of Jizzakh region two years ago due to the credit of the Jizzakh branch of the “Aloqa” bank for 450 million soums there was arranged production of clothing, including children clothing. The company’s products, equipped with modern equipment, and quickly found buyers on foreign markets.

Over the past period of this year it exported products totaling 1.125 million USD. This year, there was signed a contract with foreign partners to supply knitwear on 4.5 million USD.

The company, which employs 30 people at the beginning, now employs more than 200 people. It is noteworthy that most of them – graduates of professional colleges.

This is not the only rural enterprises producing high-quality products for export. Abroad also supplies products such factories as “Yangiobod chevarlari” of Yangiabad district and “Nargiza teks” of Gallaaral district.

At the core of these successes lays special attention to supporting small businesses and private entrepreneurship given by the State. As a result the share of small businesses in the export of products is increasing. In particular, in the first quarter of this year it amounted to 32.9% in the export field.