Products of Syrdarya region are in demand abroad

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April 14, 2018

Products of Syrdarya region are in demand abroad

The President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Uzbek-Russian joint venture “Sirdaryo mega luks” in Syrdarya region, where he got acquainted with projects on producing packaging products.

Consistent measures are being implemented on development of industry, expanding and ensuring the independence of the class of owners in the country. A number of enterprises producing export-oriented products are expanding as a result of comprehensive measures taken to support the localization of production, to increase the export potential of producers.

Products of Syrdarya region are in demand abroad

LLC “Sirdaryo mega luks” joint venture is among them.

The Head of the state has inspected the technological process at the enterprise, was interested in current projects and plans for the future.

At the joint venture organized in 2012, the packaging products for chemical, textile, food, pharmaceutical and construction industries, the sphere of processing agricultural products, trading companies which are engaged in export of raw materials are made of polypropylene granules.

Products of Syrdarya region are in demand abroad

The enterprise with the initial staff of 75 people currently produces 17 types of products and employs 650 people. Some of the products are delivered to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and the Baltic countries.

The enterprise intends to realize 7 promising projects worth 100 million dollars during 2018-2023. Among them – organization of production of polypropylene packing, soft containers for exporters, BOPP and CPP films for production of packaging products, localization of auxiliary raw materials and the materials imported from abroad. As a result of implementation of these projects, more than 2,5 thousand people will be employed. Operating at full capacity, the enterprise will begin to export production worth 125 million dollars per year and to release import-substituting goods worth 80 million dollars. Proposals are coming on purchase of production from the CIS countries, the European Union and Latin America.

Products of Syrdarya region are in demand abroad

The Head of the state was informed in detail about the projects. It was noted that new facilities will be equipped with modern technological equipment produced in Russia, the United States, Germany, Italy, Austria and other countries. The production will be located in the technopark, which is being built near the enterprise.

The President was interested in demand, geography of export of new types of products. Gave instructions and recommendations on promoting goods of Uzbekistan in foreign markets due to widespread introduction of innovative technologies in production.