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December 12, 2016



The domestic electrical industry has scheduled several big projects in the coming years, aiming to develop the production of new models of refrigerators, air conditioners, mobile phones and other appliances.

Domestic companies are currently establishing cooperation with the world’s known manufacturers to ensure the effective production of household appliances of a new generation. Producing modern refrigerators under the Artel brand, the Polaris Technologies company might be an example.

Despite the short period of operation, the company has managed to attract many customers with affordable prices and high quality products. Owing to the cooperation with the South Korean Samsung Electronics Co. LTD, the company has expanded its range with four new models this year.

The new refrigerators of 290 and 320 liters under the Samsung brand are operated by the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-600 and the inverter compressor of class A + energy efficiency. This suggests that the appliances will work for a long time and save energy.

The Tashkent-based enterprise Zenith Electronics established cooperation with the same Korean company last year by launching the production of LED TVs. Founded in 2004, it ranks among Uzbekistan’s largest home appliance enterprises.

The company specializes on television sets, washing machines, air conditioners. The cooperation with Samsung allowed for introducing innovative technologies in the shortest possible terms, and launching the production of modern TV sets in compliance with all quality requirements.

To do that, the company purchased new equipment, mastered the innovative technology of surface mounting, which is a robоtic line capable of mounting electronic components from 0.3 to 30 millimeters without human intervention. The joint product accentuates improvement of design characteristics through the introduction of a modern production line of super-hard case products with a high degree of gloss and accessories to the basic products.

Modern mobile phones are a different story. The latest models of Android One smartphones under the Artel trademark are manufactured by the domestic company Great Global Line. The convenient device provides the optimal number of Google tools and resources, as well as automatic updates of the Android version, thereby gaining many positive user reviews.

There is a reason behind the fact that Google chose Artel and the Uzbek market as a partner.  Uzbekistan ranks among the CIS fastest growing markets with favorable business environment for foreign investors. Having studied the company’s enterprises and products, the Google Android One project manager Fiona Lee highly commended the progress the young company has achieved in such a short time, as domestic appliances have been confidently driving imports out from the local market.

Those smart phones have certain advantages, while costing much cheaper than imported counterparts. By the way, the prices for the handset will tend to decrease due to the full localization of production by 2017. So far, certain components of the phone are manufactured at the company’s production facilities in the Navoi region.

Another joint venture Dream Production specializes in advanced air conditioners. Some three years ago, the company owned just 3.5 hectares of land and vacant premises. Today, it runs a modern line on the production of household air conditioners, unparalleled in Central Asia.

According to experts, air conditioners, especially those that work in the heat exchange mode, refer to complicated appliances that require maximum compliance with standards at all stages of production. Advanced test lines reveal a leakage of chemical elements for cooling and heating, providing electrical safety. The enterprise runs several laboratories to ensure the product quality control, including check of imported components. Currently, it is gradually developing the production of air conditioner components. For example, the plant is using copper pipes of the Angren Pipe Plant, which are intended for the production of internal parts and outdoor units.

Previously, they were imported from China, entailing many difficulties with transportation and customs procedures, and affecting the production cost. The company’s specialists closely monitor innovations on the market, noting that the products do not yield to competitors in any parameters. They meet the power of heating and cooling, portability, low noise, resistance to electricity volatility, and certainly, design.