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October 5, 2016


projection_labourThe Law ‘On labour protection’ will come into force in Uzbekistan in three months. What is going to change? An Uzbekistan Today reporter addressed the Ministry of Labour with this question.

The new edition of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan ‘On labor protection’ is designed in accordance with the approved laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, taking into account the positive experience of industrialized foreign countries. It includes the basic concepts that meet the requirements of international standards.

The new law has defined the state agencies responsible for occupational safety and health management, and their powers, as well as a public authority and its control powers. The act expands the powers of trade unions in terms of the implementation of public control of labor protection requirements that are set out in collective agreements (contracts).

It also reviewed a system of organization of occupational protection in the workplace. In particular, with regard to the organizations and enterprises with less than 50 people of staff and with a low level of danger in the production process, labor protection measures are performed by professional players of this market on a contract basis.

As part of enhancing the responsibility of employers and employees, separate articles stipulate the rights and duties of employers and employees in the field of occupational safety and health, as well as regulations on the voluntary audit of occupational safety management system, and the procedure of evaluation of workplaces in working conditions and state examination.

Experts of the Ministry of Labor believe that the new law will raise the responsibility of bоth employers and employees. It will also contribute to the proper organization of labor protection, ensuring safe working conditions for employees.

It is expected that the act will strengthen the prevention and reduce occupational accidents and diseases, which, in turn, would enhance the economic viability of enterprises, strengthen the social protection of workers, including minors.

“The implementation of the Law ‘On labor protection’ in the new edition envisages the revision of occupational safety and health related regulations, as well as adoption of an integrated programm on streamlining working conditions in enterprises,” emphasized the Ministry of Labor of Uzbekistan.