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January 9, 2017



In the “Talkok” neighbourhood in Karmana District of Navoiy Region, a two-storey house consisting of 32 apartments and 46 one-storey houses with adjacent territories of 200 square metres have been put into use. These were built on the basis of updated standard projects.

Houses being built in rural areas on the basis of standard projects in accordance with a resolution, dated 21 October 2016, of the country’s President “On a programme of construction of affordable houses on updated standard projects in rural areas in the years 2017-2021” serve as an important factor in further raising the population’s wellbeing.

“People like houses built on the basis of new standard projects. In the territory of our neighbourhood, three multi-storey apartment houses Kamolot have also been built. The construction of such modern houses serves to raise our people’s quality of life, ” says the chairman of the “Talkok” neighbourhood citizens’ gathering, Said Sharipov.

There are about 5 thousand people living in the neighbourhood. Most of the owners of those modern houses are young families.

“Until now we rented an apartment. We heard that affordable houses were being built, and we submitted an application to the hokimiyat (governorate). On the eve of the New Year holiday, we were given the keys to a new two-room apartment. Here all conditions have been created for our children to live happily. There is a playground in the yard. Credits were provided on minimal interest with a three-year grace period, which was very convenient for families that needed housing. We are very grateful to our country’s President for so much attention and care,” says Charos Hasanova, the owner of a new house.

This year, 1143 new houses are to be built on the basis of updated standard projects in Navoiy Region.