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March 22, 2017



365 promising industrial and 680 agricultural projects have been scheduled for the current year in Karakalpakstan.

Last year, the region disbursed 194.6 billion soums and $7.5 million of investments, implemented 2,100 projects, and created 9,900 jobs.

For instance, Kardar Ishab Chiqarish Mahsulotlari company of Nukus established the production of coal briquettes through the 500 million soums loan. El Rozi Nur company of Ellikkala district manufactures heat insulation materials on the basis of vermiculite processing owing to 250 million soums of investments.

Jumurtau Ideal company in Amudarya district expanded the production of construction material of gravel by means of 930 million soums of investments.

“We keep the process going this year: we have planned 2,235 projects and establishment of 15,300 new jobs,” said Mahmud Kushimbetov, Deputy Head of Department of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. “The projects will mainly focus on modernization and diversification of production, enhanced processing of raw materials, and establishment of production of high-quality goods.”

It is envisaged to build and commission several big up-to-date enterprises in Karakalpakstan as part of the integrated territorial program on industrial, agricultural and service development. The commissioning of enterprises on processing 8,000 tons of polyethylene and polypropylene pellets, manufactures of pipes of various diameter, bags, and transformer substations is scheduled for this August in Nukus.

Empowered by 250.5 billion soums of investment, Nukus Med Tex Company will establish the manufacture of 250 million syringes and infusion systems per year. A modern textile enterprise Shumanay Eco Tex with a capacity of 3,500 tons of yarn per year will be built in the Shumanay district.

Along with ensuring employment primarily with respect to young people, such projects contribute to the development of the country’s economy, and people’s welfare.