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July 9, 2017

Public Transport Getting Advanced

Introduction of an electronic fare payment system has kicked off in the regions of Uzbekistan.

200 validators and NFC-chips 30,000 cards for contactless transactions by the Chinese company Yiwu Anngu Trading Company have already been delivered for the introduction of the system.

To date, the system has been officially launched in Andijan. The validators were installed in 150 municipal buses. Passengers are provided with e-payment card and their replenishment services at 10 bus stops in the city of Andijan.

First, a passenger buys a card costing 15,000 soums at a bus stop or in a bank, 5,000 soums of which are transferred to the card account. Further, the account can be replenished in cash or through a plastic card. One card with a shelf life of 2 years, can be used by all family members. A ticket indicating a date, time, route name, bus and card numbers, and the remaining amount is issued to confirm payment. The ticket, like a regular ticket, must be kept by the passenger until the end of the trip.