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January 6, 2017



Stock Commercial “QishloqQurilish Bank”offers its customers a mobile service “Depozit Banking”. From now on, with the help of this mobile program, bank depositors will have the chance to perform non-cash transactions, to get information on their deposits within the funds on their own current accounts deposit via personal mobile phones without coming to the bank.

After securing a special login and password via the mobile program “Depozit Banking”, customers will be able to do the following:
Expending interest accrued to the deposits;

Fully or partially renew deposits expired. If the client wants to formalize its contribution in part, the difference amount is automatically transferred to his checking account on demand;

Non-cash closing of deposit account;

Early non-cash closing of deposit account.

At the closing of deposit accounts or on expending accrued interests, the deposit amount and accrued interest credited to them automatically. The added amount can be transferred by means of transfer to the accounts of individuals and legal entities or to “QishloqQurilish Bank”bank cards of individuals.

In addition, customers using the mobile program “Depozit Banking” will be able to receive the following information:

Information on the terms of the deposits;

Information on turnover of deposit payslips

Besides, “Depozit Banking” customers will constantly receive SMS messages about completion deadlines of their own contributions with the help of this mobile program.

“QishloqQurilish Bank” takes measures on continued expansion of its activities in the retail market, further strengthen customer confidence in the bank. Currently, it has been established a service “SMS-deposit” in savings bank offices,which provides an opportunity to issue credit and debit orders through an automated system, to obtain information about deposit amounts of depositors, which in turn, saves time of depositors of time andprovideshigh quality and favorable banking services.

Also, it has been introduced “Biometric identification” – a system which uses the fingerprint of the person – in order to further strengthen the protection of citizens’ deposits in banks, taking under the strict control of the implementation of operations not related to the deposits without the participation of clients in the banking system.

Advantage of the “Biometric identification” system is that, it will not be possible to carry out all operations related to deposit amountsin settlement sheets without the direct participation of the client, which is the owner of the deposit, and will ensure the integrity of the bank employees with respect to deposit funds.

Briefly, JSCB “QishloqQurilish Bank” is committed to further enhancing its involvement in the process of renovation is rapidly taking place in the banking and financial sector of the country through the provision of modern and supportive services for the population on the basis of customer requirements.

“Qishloq Qurilish Bank” – at the service for your happy life!

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Phone: (+99871) 150-72-58, 150-39-93;

Website: www.qqb.uz

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