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February 27, 2017


1386733313176e3192e621f5bc714172Asl Oyna company in Sergeli district of the capital has commissioned a new Italian production line.

Today, the company produces 130 types of glass products to the German technology. The goods are manufactured from local raw materials – sand, dolomite, lime, calcium soda and others. Automated process control helps to ensure high quality of products.

The new production line will increase the production volumes of glass containers of various designs.

“Crucially, we will provide 150 boys and girls with jobs. Prior to handling sophisticated technologies, which envisage heating of the raw material to 1,450 degrees, the workers had undergone three-month training. The line will allow producing 120 tons of glass mass per day. The containers will be used for packaging processed fruit and vegetable products, as well as packaging and canning of oil and fat products,” said Husniddin Nurmuhamedov, CEO at Asl Oyna.

The 11 million euros technology was purchased through a Kapitalbank loan. Its main advantages include a ten percent higher energy efficiency against the existing ones. Experts say that the new line will increase the quality of glass making, grading and shaping. It is distinguished by high productivity and efficiency.

Today, Asl Oyna is considering the opportunity of expanding its presence in foreign markets. Last year, the company exported goods for $2.5 million, and is planning to scale up the index to $4 million in the current year. It is planned to produce a total of 120 million items of glass containers of various sizes in the current year.

“Previously, our company covered a certain part of the needs in glass by imports. There is no longer need in that. We are satisfied with the Asl Oyna products for their high quality and cheap price,” said Toshkentvino quality manager Dinora Kosimkhujayeva.