Rapid breakthrough of the “uz” domain zone

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December 26, 2017

Rapid breakthrough of the “uz” domain zone

Administration of the “UZ” domain zone recorded a significant increase in the number of domains in the national segment of the Internet. On the official website of the organization it is indicated that more than 15 thousand new domains were registered last month.

The total number of domains registered in the “UZ” domain zone was just over 36 thousand a month ago, now it exceeds 51 thousand active domains. This surpassed even the boldest predictions of the development dynamics of the domestic domain zone. Previously, the annual growth of domains in the domestic segment of the Internet did not exceed five thousand domains.

According to specialists, such active growth is associated with a number of different factors. Intensification of competition between registrars, which led to a decrease in prices for the acquisition of the domain, is among them. The administration of the “UZ” domain zone has also established cooperation with new registrars, each of which can compete with the main players of the domain market of Uzbekistan.

Undoubtedly, the rapid development of the IT industry of Uzbekistan also influenced the growth in the number of domains, which in turn is reflected in the number of launched websites and services. This increases the IT potential of the country. Each registrar has a large area for maneuvering in pricing policy in an open competitive environment.