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December 20, 2017


The visit of the President of our country to the Republic of Karakalpakstan was fruitful. A number of promising projects aimed at raising the standard of living of the population through the development of economic and agricultural sectors in the Aral Sea region were planned in its course.

In the modern logistics center being built in Khodjeyli district, the Head of our state got acquainted with investment projects that will be implemented in the food industry of Karakalpakstan, programs on development of livestock, poultry, beekeeping, fish farming, camel breeding.

A promising project on cultivation and export of red pepper was presented at the center.

According to experts, currently red pepper is grown on 4,4 million hectares, with an annual collection of 68,3 million tons of pepper in the world. The harvest from one hectare reaches 15-20 tons. We can get 1 kilogram of dried red pepper from 5 kilograms of harvest. One ton of such a product is estimated at about 8 thousand 640 dollars in the world market. It is expected that in 2017 the total revenue from the sale of red pepper in the world will exceed 30 billion dollars. Most of these products are grown in Indonesia, China and Mexico.

The Head of our state gave instructions on expanding the cultivation of high-yield, export-oriented red pepper in the country. In particular, it is planned to plant this culture on 15 thousand hectares in 2018 in Karakalpakstan. The need of increasing the cultivation of this culture in each region was noted. Specialists from Indonesia will help farmers in planting and organizing agrotechnical activities.

This is just one of many promising projects identified during the trip of the Head of our state to the Republic of Karakalpakstan. Thousands of workplaces will be created as a result of implementing projects, which means that families will have a constant source of income, their living standards will increase. As the President of our country noted, people want to live well not tomorrow, not in the future, but today. And this is the main goal of the ongoing socio-economic reforms.