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July 9, 2017

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Small businesses and private enterprises have been holding a leading position in ensuring consistent economic growth and social stability. The support of this sector by commercial banks is particularly important in this context.

Lending has been playing an important role in the implementation of promising business projects as one of the main directions of the mortgage commercial bank Ipoteka Bank. Streamlining of mechanisms and instruments for financial support of small business, expansion of the range of banking services, growth of lending volumes is achieved through mutually beneficial cooperation with entrepreneurs.

As noted by bank specialists, they provide detailed consulting on document processing to their clients, offer standard credit programs and take every effort to issue loans in the shortest possible time. The loans are provided for the purchase of raw materials for production, strengthening of logistical capacity of farms and small economies, purchase of up-to-date equipment, production on the basis of local feedstock, and development of various types of consumer services.

Currently, more than 78,000 of our compatriots take advantage of Ipoteka Bank universal services in various regions of Uzbekistan. The Bank is constantly monitoring the loans provided, properly analyses the views and proposals of entrepreneurs.

“Over the past period of 2017, as part of integrated measures, Ipoteka-Bank has provided a total of 586.3 billion soums of loans to small businesses and private entrepreneurs. Of these, microcredits for individual sectors of small business and private entrepreneurship amounted to more than 125.3 billion soums. 70.6 billion soums was allocated for the establishment and development of women’s entrepreneurship,” said Farhod Inoyatov, Deputy Head of the Ipoteka Bank Lending Department.

As of June 1, 2017, 14.7 billion soums of loan funds were allocated for the implementation of business projects of graduates of vocational colleges, and more than 7.4 billion soums of microcredits were allocated for young families for the establishment of private business. Along with that, 139.7 billion soums was allocated for the development of industrial and non-food consumer goods production.