Representatives of the Moscow music schools in Tashkent

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May 18, 2015

Representatives of the Moscow music schools in Tashkent

Representatives_MoscowIn Tashkent a delegation of professors, teachers and performers of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory and the Moscow State Academic Philharmonic came. Guests for several days will visit the capital’s children’s music and art schools and meet our talents in order to choose the best, give them scholarships Interregional Charity Foundation “New Names” (Russia). At the same time, they planned their master classes and a concert program. Similar activities for students of music schools for the first time.

Reporter Information Agency “Jahon” talked with representatives of the Russian delegation.

Edward A. Barzov, vice president of the Interregional Charity Foundation “New Names”:

– I am very pleased to provide an opportunity to visit your country and to discover new talents. Young musicians fr om Uzbekistan regularly delight us with their skill in various international competitions, which also go through our foundation.

Here we have a full program, planned listening, workshops and a joint concert in the Republican Specialized Music Academic Lyceum in Tashkent n.a. V.Uspensky.

As a result of listening, we will sel ect the most promising children who will become our scholarship holders, as well as perform together with other laureates come with us.

I’ve been to Tashkent, and I think you have a very beautiful and bright city. Especially I was struck by your State Conservatory, which also is a terrific museum of musical instruments. Given how much attention the government paid to the development of young talents, it is not surprising that Uzbekistan has so confidently asserting itself on the world music stage.

Victor M. Mayevskiy, director of creative schools of Interregional Charity Foundation “New Names”:

– First of all, I would like to note that I am very pleased to participate in such events, as well acquainted with the Uzbek music school – you have a very strong performers and teachers.

In addition to the scholarships, we would like to sel ect talented children to attend the International Summer Art School in the ancient town of Suzdal, Vladimir Region (Russia), wh ere under the same roof artists fr om all over the world come, as well as distinguished professors. During these creative unions groups and ensembles are often formed, young people have an opportunity to exchange experiences, expand their horizons and grow professionally. I would also like to emphasize that your young performers often come to our school and itsalways been very interesting to work with them.

In addition, we regularly conduct subscription concerts on the best stages of Moscow and always gladly welcome foreign musicians. We expect that by the end of this trip, young performers fr om Uzbekistan will also take part in them. There are special grants that we provide a unique talent. I am sure that our trip will be very fruitful and will serve the further development of cooperation between Uzbekistan and Russia.