Restoration of the unique architectural complex of Sultan Uvays Bobo being completed

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February 11, 2015

Restoration of the unique architectural complex of Sultan Uvays Bobo being completed

restorationIn Beruniy District of Karakalpakstan to be completed restoration and conservation of the unique architectural monument – the shrine of Sultan Uvays Bobo, who is not only one of the most respected people of the lower reaches of Amudarya places and tourist center of the show, according to Uzbekistan Today.

The complex is located right in the middle of the desert, along the road connecting Nukus and Amudarya area with Beruniy.

Sultan Uvays, who was associated with a place famous for its collection activity and study of hadith. Followers have built symbolic mausoleum in his honor, and turned it into a place of worship. Today this ancient cemetery is a whole range of well-developed infrastructure – a mosque, serving complex, “saint” lake, shopping centers, catering, hotel.

This complex is unique, first of all, its location – it stands majestically in the middle of the desert. History knows the times when this monument was destroyed and recreated again.

The inscription on plate states that the monument belongs to the XII – XIV, XVI – XIX centuries, indicating that this place is a unique historical heritage and can lift the veil of many historical mysteries, which has not been disclosed yet.

Completing restoration of the mosque and its adjacent structures, landscaping, based on the needs of today, this will keep the shrine and a unique architectural monument still for many centuries.